Friday, June 15, 2007

I was made to love You!

Hey everyone!
I am so sorry that I have been silent for over 2 weeks now on the Blog. I have been away from my desk and extremely busy. It has been the most sleep deprived and exhausting 2 weeks that I have had in a LONG time but I can't wait to tell you why. I have got a ton of things on my heart so I am going to just start spewing out thoughts on the keyboard.

This is the first year that I have ever gotten to participate in VBS. In all the summers past, I have always had to work. So, I have been looking forward to getting to help this summer now that I am no longer a career woman! I had the privilege to teach 5th graders. I have to say that I was somewhat nervous about it because I am used to teaching women, not children. But, I had no idea what God had in store for me.

Last week, I spent pretty much the entire week up at the church decorating our room. I had no idea all the work that went into this event. It is wild. We ended up with a really cool room though! Monday came and we had a room full of energetic 5th graders. This was the cutest bunch of kids. From the first day, I was HOOKED! I fell head over heels for all of them. I wish I could tell you all of the details of each day. But, I will stick with a brief overview. We had the kids an hour and a half for bible study time and then the kids went on to do the different activities that they signed up for. After the activities, they went to worship. We had the best time in worship singing and dancing unto the LORD.

Wednesday, was my favorite day. This was the day that we got to sit down in bible study and go over the ABC's of becoming a Christian. While sharing the plan of salvation with my kids I was so pumped to see that the kids were really taking in all that I was saying. There was this one girl that did not take her eyes off me when I was talking to them. She was zoned in and soaking up every word. Afterward, the kids were taken to worship where the plan of salvation was shared again and then an invitation was given for the children. There were a lot of kids that went forward to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior over their lives, but I was SO excited to see that same girl from my class walk forward. That decision alone made it worth every minute of the time and energy that went into all the planning and preparing on my part. There were 2 others in my class that came to know the LORD that day as well. I was BLESSED beyond measure.

I just was not prepared for this week in regards to what God was going to do. He showed up and knocked my socks off. This was an incredible week of VBS and my life has been changed by the experience. Today was the last day and even though I was extremely tired of all the long hours and little sleep, I was so sad to see it end. I am crazy about these kids! They were all so precious and I had a blast with them! One of the boys that was in my class came up to me today and wrapped his arms around me so tight and said, "I had so much fun this week and I loved having you for my teacher". SO sweet!

There was another boy in my class that I had problems with all week. Monday was really tough with him and we had to contact his mom first thing. After hearing her heart, I knew God planted him in my room for a reason. So, I really went the extra mile to try and take him under my wing and show God's love to him. I was fearful all week that my help or anything that was taught was not making any kind of impression on him. However, today he stunned me with a hug expressing to me how he enjoyed the week. I couldn't help but cry over this one!

God revealed Himself personally to me over and over this week. I was teaching and serving the children, but God was teaching me and showing Himself to me in the process. My heart was overflowing in joy over the children and our time together. But, God was even at work in other areas of my life. He doesn't waste a moment. We serve an amazing God. I gave up two weeks to pour myself out for VBS and God blessed me double in return. My life has been changed.

Take a peek at some of the week.

Now, to wrap things up we finished our week out with the 6th graders at a Toby Mac concert tonight. I wasn't sure that there was enough energy in me to get my self to a concert much less a Toby Mac Concert. I am not one to spend my time jammin out to Christian Rap music. (although my 2 boys certainly love it) I much prefer to let Travis Cottrell lead the music while I worship God. But, again.....God showed up and did what I was not expecting. I WORSHIPPED GOD to Rap Music! I found myself jumping, singing (and screaming) in Holy Worship unto the LORD. I don't care much about Toby Mac and all his moves and singing (I must say he did put on a great show though) but, he did help lead me straight to the throne of God tonight.

One of the things that hit me tonight while listening to Toby was this..... Believe it or not, I used to be crazy (A LONG time ago)about rap music. I have always loved the thump it has. However, the message was never a good one and the lifestyle at the time was not a God honoring one. I was able to reflect back on where I have been in my life journey and see to where God has brought me. This time, I could enjoy the beat AND the words and do all of it to the Glory of God! Gods love and restoration floors me!! HE has brought me such a long way and I always stand amazed at His grace and mercy over my life! What a sweet touch the Father gave me tonight by showing me His loving Hand!

My heart is just bursting at the seams right now in crazy love for My Savior! He blows my mind and fills me with so much joy. His Word sets me ablaze for Him and He even uses rappers to lead me to His throne to sing His praises. It felt so good to just be free tonight -to be unashamedly crazy for Jesus. One of the closing songs by Toby was "I was made to love You". It was my favorite song and such an appropriate way to end the week. "I was made to love, find and adore God" and this week, I DID! I thought that I would end this blog with the words to the song.
Drained- but FILLED!

Made To Love Lyrics


Anonymous said...

HEE HEE! I had a sneaking suspicion you would fall in love with those kids!! Truly, that is what happens to me every single Sunday afternoon when I drag myself away from my family and their lazy enjoyment of the day and go back to the church. I tell people (and the kids)all the time that the blessings I receive from them FAR outweigh any time/trouble/commitment that it takes to prepare. It is one of those "secrets" God gives to us who work with kids. Don't you wish everybody would realize the blessings that can be gained??? We would never have a shortage of workers in our churches!! I'm glad you had such a great week!

Anonymous said...

Preach on Sister!!!
I knew you enjoyed SQ week but I did not know it had such an impact on you. I sat, smiling and relating as I read your blog because that's exactly what those kids did for me last year. I had always taught younger kids in VBS and high schoolers in Sun. School and never imagined I would fall in love with this age group like I did. God was definitely working His plan when I took this group last year, I thought I was doing something for Lexie but instead God was putting me in a "position" that I never knew I would fall in love with. That age group is so inspiring because they have such teachable spirits and a desire to learn what God wants and expects from them.
They are a true blessing and they are so appreciative for your love and guidance for them. Every Sunday I just want to wrap my arms around them because they are such precious creatures.
It is an honor and joy to help "train them up" and pray that when they are old they will not stray.
Your students were blessed to have you as their leader for the week. A weeks worth of work that will make an impact on the rest of their lives. And I know that you give God all the Glory.
As for TobyMac, I thought he ROCKED!!!! I do enjoy his music anyway, but what touched me the most was not only the worship experience that I got out of it but to look around and see that many young kids in the crowd with their hands in the air, worshiping our JESUS!!!!!