Monday, September 17, 2007

Consider Your Investments

If you are looking for a good devotional book, I would highly recommend Chris Tiegreen's "At His Feet". I mention his writings often on my blog. Each day is always SO good, but today's topic was something that God is talking to me about lately and I couldn't help but share it.

"What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul?" Mark 8:36

IN WORD- If someone has a sum of money to invest, he or she will have to make some choices. The money can be put in full into one investment, or it can be divided among more than one. Many people choose this latter option in order to hedge their bets. But when one option is considered far superior to all the others, diversification takes a back seat to opportunism. Attractive investment opportunities draw all of our attention and all of our money for the possibilities they entail. We want to capitalize.
In the economy of God, one investment is clearly superior to all other's. It's a sure thing. And Jesus calls us to place all of our resources, time, and talents there-exclusively. Why? Because He knows the return it will yield, and he knows we will not be disappointed. But there is often a part of us that wants to diversify. We want to invest some in God's kingdom, certainly, but also some in this world. We're afraid to put our resources only in one place. Whether we put a lot or a little into the temporal, Jesus says, it's a bad deal. The world will end in bankruptcy, and the kingdom of God will inherit all wealth. And its wealth will be everlasting.

IN DEED- Human beings pursue comfort and pleasure with an alarming passion. It isn't that comfort and pleasure are wrong; God created both for us to enjoy. But He never called us to pursue them. He never asked us to focus our attention on our earthly time span in order to make it as easy or profitable as possible. To the contrary, he constantly calls His disciples to take everything they have now and invest it in everything they know about God's eternal Kingdom. "Whoever wants to save his life [i.e., live for the "now"] will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me and for the gospel [i.e., lives for the kingdom] will save it" (v. 35) Consider your investments well, and avoid the pursuits of this world. Whatever you do, do it for the glory of God.

God has really opened my eyes to the fact that the things of His Kingdom are done completely backwards from the things of this world. So many believers spend so much of their time, money and energy towards things of this world and Jesus clearly tells us NOT TO! All of our time, energy, talents, money should be invested in things of the Kingdom of God. Every earthly thing that we pursue in the here and now will not stand when its all said and done.

As my relationship with Jesus grows, I have come to realize that in comparison to knowing Him more intimately that the things of this world become increasingly unappealing. As Paul says in Philippians 3 that all those earthly things are rubbish compared to knowing Christ Jesus our LORD. My prayer for me is that every minute of each day, relationship, word spoken, ministry and dollar spent would bring God glory and serve to advance the Kingdom of God. I so badly want to be sold out 100% in every aspect of my life. The more I know Him the more I love Him and the more I want to give every part of my being to Him. NOTHING else compares to knowing Christ Jesus our LORD and giving everything we have to Him! When we do, our eternal benefits will far outweigh anything this world has to offer. What investments are you making?


Anonymous said...

I, too, have been reading this devotional book and want to echo what Brittnie says about it. I bought it on her recommendation and got a copy for a friend. My intent was to read it along with my friend who had been looking for a good devotional book. But WOW how God has blessed me by reading it as well. Every day, God speaks to me in a new way through the scripture and devotions in this book. It is AWESOME.

And I also am constantly convicted about eternal values vs worldly values. I so many times don't even realize how many worldly values have slipped into my life. I find myself putting my resources into different places, when really they should all be in one place with one goal in mind. Why is it that we want to "diversify" our investments? Is it because we don't trust God enough? Several years ago, I came face to face with the fact that if I was really going to believe what I said I believed then there was no middle ground. It was all or nothing and I needed to live like it! God tells us He is faithful. He tells us there is no greater return for our investments than His returns for us. He tells us this world is nothing compared to what He has waiting for us. He tells us that His way will bring us blessings that are greater than our comprehension. He tells us that if we settle for things of the world rather than things of His kingdom than we are settling for trash rather than treasures. It is about time that we all say we are ready to invest in ONE place, one way, one God!! I know that is what God is calling me to do..and I know it is the best investment I will ever make.


Anonymous said...

You are so right. I think God must push all of us to "put our money were our mouths are", so to speak, at some time in our walk with Him, and probably more than once. I certainly have been forced to do just that, and I am so glad that God blessed me with these experiences. It has been a way to truely know my own heart, and to force me to see where I stand and where I need to be standing.
Our families life looks very different from most people that we know, but I am thankful for a country where this is possible, without fear, and for Christ who has lead us all this way. It`s exciting to think about where He will be taking us next. Have a Blessed day-Kristi