Monday, May 12, 2008


True Revivals have happened only when people have gained a right idea of God and his majesty and his holiness. Revivals have happened when people grew in there understanding of Christ work on the Cross. In their understanding of the call to trust Christ alone. These are the times when God visits his church with revival by pouring out his spirit on the land.

Question for thought:
If revivals depend on a renewed understanding of God’s majesty and a deepened conviction of own sin, what is the best way to promote revival in the land?

Quote by Mark Dever from his book "The Message of the Old Testament"


Lynsey said...

That is a great question but I would say today we are still dealing with the precursor to this question, "How do you get Christians to want Revival?"

Anonymous said...

That is so true. I think that a lot of Christians today are happy with a man-centered lukewarm religion. It's sad.

Anonymous said...

And another good question is, "How do you get Christians to be disatisfied with sin and to want holiness in their lives?" That's a good question for my church. So many seem satisfied with the status quo of Christian living.