Saturday, May 12, 2007

A Gift of Grace

35 years ago a woman unable to conceive desperately prayed to receive a child. At the same time another woman desperately sought out a way to give up a child that was conceived unwanted. In God’s providence a prayer was answered and a delivery was made from one mother to another. At birth-This child was given a gift of grace-LIFE. My mother adopted me and loved me as her very own. In Adolescence- This child was given another gift of grace-ETERNAL LIFE. My heavenly Father adopted me and loved me as His very own. (Ephesians 1:5)

How I thank you LORD for answering the prayer of my mother and for placing me in her loving arms. Her love and nurturing helped lead me straight to you. That is something that I can never repay. Thank you mom for your unconditional love, I am forever grateful. I love you.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you precious mothers out there!


Anonymous said...

As you can well imagine, you have left me in tears and so grateful that you were chosen to be my beloved daughter. I knew from the first moment you were placed in my arms that you were someone very special. Now that you are an adult, I am in awe of your growth in the Lord. I am also amazed that I got to be the fortunate one chosen to be your Mom and I thank Him for that. I love and adore you. Love Mom

Anonymous said...

What an amazing tribute to what God can do, and His love for us. Thank You for sharing a little of your story with us and reminding us of, not only His love, but His PERFECT timing- Happy Mom`s Day-K

Anonymous said...

And, let me add as one of your aunts, we are truly the blessed ones. You have touched all our lives with your love of and commitment to the Lord. God picked the perfect Mom for you and has blessed you with two precious boys. Loving you always, njh

Angela said...

You left me in tears too Brittnie! What a wonderful gift indeed! Hope all is well with you and your "boys".