Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Liar

Yesterday I was reading my devotional book by Chris Tiegreen and the title was named "Rejecting the Liar". It was based on John 8:44 which says, "When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies." Chris was talking about being aware of the lies the enemy feeds us.

In the middle of my reading, my youngest son (5 yrs) came up to me crying. He began to tell me what was wrong. He said, "my mind is trying to tell me that I don't love God-but mama, I do love God- so why is my mind trying to make me think that I don't love Him" He would walk around with his hands on his head saying, "make it go away".

I sat there stunned! I tried consoling him and telling him that I knew he loved God. I also shared with him that God knows all things, so therefore God knew that he loved Him, and to try and let it go. But, it didn't bring him alot of comfort at this point. Obviously, this kind of thinking was only bringing him alot of distress. He sat down beside me and put his head in my lap and said, "mom, pray for me right NOW" I prayed over this precious one and he seemed to be satisfied with leaving it in God's hands.

But, then it hit me....I was just reading about "the Liar" and I realized that he was already planting lies into my son's head. It occured to me that my oldest son experienced something very similar at the same age also. The enemy will begin to target even the youngest of minds. When he knows that innocent minds are being filled with The Truth he quickly goes in for the kill. (John 10:10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy)

It made me mad to think that my precious boys were even targets for the evil one. But, I was so impressed that my son knew immediately when something in his mind was not right. His mind is still pure enough that he could recognize a lie. How often we forget the battle that is going on in our lives constantly. Our minds are filled with so much junk from the world that we often don't recognize when the enemy speaks a lie into our minds.

Sadly enough, in so many cases we will fall for the lies of the evil one and we live in defeat after defeat. He loves to have us in this place because we are no threat to the kingdom of hell and even worse we fail at bringing God glory. The most important thing that we can do daily is to saturate our minds in Truth, so that the minute the lie comes, we can stare in it's face and reject it. We must also put on (daily) the full armor of God as Ephesians 6:11-18 tells us.
We have got to be equipped to recognize The Liar and get back in the battle!

The best protection against Satan's lies is to know God's truth- Anonymous


Anonymous said...

Amen! And it is so true that it has to be EVERY single day..because those lies sound REALLY believable if we are not careful to recognize them and counter them with God's word.